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Isuzu is a well-known Japanese truck maker specializing in heavy duty and medium duty trucks. Isuzu trucks are known for their robust performance, quality and efficiency all over the world. Along with trucks, Isuzu Company manufactures buses and other commercial vehicles as well. Some of the best trucks that we see today are manufactured by Isuzu. Isuzu trucks are fuel efficient. Isuzu truck models like Elf, Forward and Giga are popular throughout different continent like Asia, many parts of Europe and Africa. Isuzu Trucks has a vision to provide its customers with the best quality of truck so that it is suitable for all kind of application and purposes.

Used Isuzu Trucks from Japan are of great demand in many countries such as Thailand, Caribbean, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Australia, UK, Netherlands, Russia, East and South Africa. Japanese Used Trucks are maintained in good condition and can deliver high performance. One can buy Used Isuzu Trucks from Japan at rock bottom prices, and they will still have good quality. There are many used vehicle auction houses in Japan through which you can bid for Isuzu used trucks of your choice; however, you would need to bid through authorized auto auction members such as Shiotsu Autotrade, Japan. Shiotsu Autotrade a leading Japanese used truck exporter - can bid on your behalf at these auction houses.

History of Isuzu Trucks

The Isuzu Motors Limited, based in Japan - is a company which is involved in manufacturing heavy trucks and commercial vehicles since 1916. At present Isuzu Motors company has manufacturing and assembly plants in Tochigi, Hokkaido and Fujisawa in Japan. Isuzu is also well-known for producing diesel engines and commercial vehicles. In 2003, the company produced around 16 million diesel engines; these engines are used in automobiles all over the world.

Isuzu lineup of Trucks

Isuzu trucks are available in different variety and ranges. Isuzu trucks are differentiated into basically three series depending on the truck capacity.

1] Isuzu Light Duty Trucks - ELF Series

Isuzu ELF Series of Light Duty Trucks meets the needs of businesses with varieties of rear bodies, drop-gate systems and low-bed platforms to specialized models. These trucks are also known as N-Series Trucks outside Japan. They are available in payload capacity from 1 ton to 4 tons. Some of the popular models are

1] ELF CNG-MPI: You can expect more polished and clean engine fuel control system with just the latest CNG-MPI. With ELF CNG-MPI you can get lower CO2, improved safety and excellent fuel economy and torque output, as it uses CNG gas as fuel.

2] ELF HYBRID: ELF HYBRID gives excellent fuel economy performance of low-CO2, Clean-emissions, using the latest Hybrid transmission technology.

3] ELF CARGO: Elf Cargo trucks come with complete wing body configuration.

Elf models are as classified as follows:-

a] NHR GVM 3.1 3.5 ton

b] NKR GVM 4.1 5.5 ton

c] NPR GVM 5.7 7 ton

d] NPS 4x4 GVM 6 ton

e] NQR GVM 8 ton

2] Isuzu Medium Duty Trucks - FORWARD Series

Isuzu FORWARD Series are Medium duty trucks which are available in many configurations and it has exceptional maneuverability. Isuzu FORWARD Series trucks can handle load starting from 8 tons up to 11 tons. These trucks are also known as F-Series Trucks outside Japan.

Isuzu Forward trucks offer excellent safety features, unsurpassed durability and power. All Isuzu forward trucks have built-in reliability which helps to meet the businesses needs and challenges of tough jobs.

Forward truck models also come in CNG configuration. Forward CNG combines high dynamic performance and environmental performance CNG-MPI engine, and gives clean emission, Achieve high performance in compliance with the new long-term emissions.

Isuzu Forward models are classified as follows:-

a] FRR GVM 9 ton

b] FSR GVM 11 ton

c] FTR GVM 13.5 ton/14.2ton

d] FVR GVM 15.1 ton/16 ton/17 ton

e] FVM GVM 21 ton

f] FVZ GVM 21 ton

i] FSS GVM 10 ton

j] FTS GVM 13 ton

3] Isuzu Heavy Duty Trucks - GIGA Series

Isuzu GIGA Series are Heavy Duty Trucks which are fuel efficient and environmental friendly. They meet Euro 3 standards of emission and come with improved fuel economy. These trucks are also known as C&E Series Trucks outside Japan. Isuzu Giga has payload capacity starting from 9 tons and going up to 26 tons. Popular Isuzu Giga models are

1] G-Cargo

G-Cargo has a complete wing-body configuration. It is basically used for carrying cargo. It gives excellent economic efficiency along with the performance which is quick and of high quality.

G-Cargo also subversions which are called

a] Super G-cargo:- Cargo trucks with cabin length up to 10 meters.

b] G-cargo Cool: - Isuzu Giga refrigerated Cargo truck version.

2] G-Tractor

G-Tractor tractor head gives superior environmental and safety performance, the new standard being used for freight container tractor drivers are friendly. It delivers high-quality results.

The most recent model in the Isuzu Giga Heavy duty trucks is the Gigamax. It is used as Extra Heavy Duty Truck.

Isuzu Giga truck models are classified as follows:-

a] CYZ GVM 26-29 ton

b] EXR Tractor GVM 18 ton

c] EXZ Tractor GVM 25 ton

Isuzu also manufactures buses and popular buses are Erga, Erga mio, Gala, Gala mio, Journey J, Journey, Como. Como is wagon (4 or 5 door vehicle) which is also called Como wagon or micro bus. It is a van designed as a fleet vehicle or cargo van & can accommodate up to 10 people.

Where Isuzu trucks are used?

Isuzu trucks are powerful workhorses and are used for variety of purposes Light duty Elf and Medium duty Forward trucks can be used as cargo trucks, tipper trucks, crane trucks, petroleum tankers, concrete mixer trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, hauling trailers. Freezer trucks / refrigerated trucks, Heavy duty trucks have specialized applications like tippers, side board trucks, and tractors.

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